This tutorial will show you how to add Photo Buttons that you can move around anywhere you would like them.


1. Start on any page you would like to add them to and Click Add Row.

2. Click Add From Library.

3. Click Photo Buttons.

4. Click on the hamburger icon to access the settings for the Photo Button.

5. Open your WordPress Dashboard on a sperate tab and hover over Media and click library.

6. Select the image you would like to use.

7. In the image info window, click on the URL field and use the select all keyboard shortcut and then use the copy shortcut.

8. Go back to the tab your photo button is open on and paste between the URL between the quotes after src=”.

9. Paste the link to the page your button will direct to after href=” between the quotes.

10. Add the button text between the <h1> Tags.

11. Save the module, and update the page.

12. Your Photo Button module is ready to go, and can be moved into place anywhere on the page.